Aligning with Feminine Magic

May 28, 2017

Listen in as Zinnia opens you up to the feminine energy centers of light, how to understand their gifts and abilities and how to align with them consistently to awaken your light and feminine magic.



Renewal of Trust: How the Sacred Masculine Is Awakening

May 21, 2017

In this episode, Zinnia has a message from the Goddess. Many men have been on the path of awareness, conscious living, sacred love making and spreading light while other men are just waking up to their divine truth and path this year. They have been coming to me for guidance for their purpose and worthiness, what they deserve from life. Zinnia answers questions about self-love, self-worth, value and deservedness and the renewal of trust in relationships.


Eating the Lotus: The Dance of the Feminine Spirit

May 14, 2017

Join Zinnia as she shares the concept of “Eating The Lotus”. How to live from the heart and magnetize freedom, travel, joy and abundance and be inspired to dream your dream through deep living and connection, flying into the unknown, falling in love with everything, taking off all masks, and being humble and naked. That's the moment that anything is possible. Live your dream. Eat the Lotus.


Coming Into Feminine Alignment and Your Core Truth

April 23, 2017

Listen in as Zinnia opens you up to the feminine awakening happening right now. In times of change and transformation, we need mental stability. You need to know who are, the real you, the authentic you beyond family and societal expectations. You can create this alignment, a protected mental space, in the strong form sacred space. Think of this sacred space as a temple or pyramid, that generates energy, keeps you in your power and truth, and helps you to connect deeply to your soul at all times.


Healing From Co-Dependence and Shifting Into Freedom and Feminine Sovereignty

April 16, 2017

Listen in as Zinnia opens you up to the feminine awakening happening right now. Mother Earth is evolving from co-dependence/abuse to freedom/equality and that new path is teaching. The new path opens the way for feminine sovereignty, alignment to feminine power and equality in partnership so we can create incredible things together in community.


How To Feel Sacred and Joyful When We’re Programmed To Feel Lonely, Alone and Abandoned

April 11, 2017

Listen in as Zinnia opens you up to the feminine awakening happening right now. In the old story, the kept, caged woman projects her desire for freedom onto a co-dependent partner. She desires material things, sex, and validation to set her free. Zinnia offers practical solutions for filling your own cup first. Then share from that place of fullness, love, joy and wholeness.


A Journey Through Sacred Feminine Power

April 3, 2017

Throughout the sands of time, there has always been the temple of the Sacred Feminine. And in that temple, there are five key archetypes a woman must journey through to experience initiation, trials, and mastery of her sacred woman maturity so she can fully blossom into her fullness. Zinnia walks through the Sacred Feminine Power Wheel and reveals the five sacred archetypes: the Lover, the Medial Woman, the Amazon, the Mother and the Queen. Any adolescent girl may start her initiation at any given place on the circle.


Flow, Intuition and Channeling

March 27, 2017

Get ready to swim into your Flow! Zinnia shares a popular topic today: the ocean and vortex of vast information from where we can access our intuition, heal and channel higher knowledge. Learn specific practices on how to heal stress, surrender your body to the Sacred Feminine and channel divine wisdom.


8 Way to Step into Your Intuitive Power

March 20, 2017

In this episode of Shakti Power, Zinnia discusses intuition, what intuitive people do differently, and introduces 8 ways to step into your intuitive power; including meditation, mindfulness, crystals, dreamwork, dowsing, shamanic work, runes, incantations, tarot and Hermetic Alchemy.


The Four Sacred Empowerment Principles of Power

March 13, 2017

Let’s break Shakti Power down! Zinnia covers the four sacred empowerment principles of personal power, intuitive power, manifesting power and creative sexual power. Zinnia shows you how to shift your thinking and practice these powerful principles.